About Us

Leave it in God´s Hands Radio Ministry was started to share the word of the Lord and how to have a better relationship with God.

Leave it in God´s Hands allows individuals who need prayer to have greater access to request a prayer over the radio. It also allows people to feel what others are going through whether it´s financial problems, loneliness, health issues, relationship problems, or even addictions, and how a better relationship with the Lord turned their lives around. Host "Steve O" serves in Altar and Online Prayer Ministries and he studied Biblical Counseling. He also serves the Lord by hearing the prayers people request every week. He experiences sadden and harden hearts every week. Steve O says, "When you see God´s miracles and how he works every day in people lives you want to get the Good News out to everyone."

Leave It In God´s Hands is a Radio Ministry that teaches you how to have a better relationship with the Lord and how important prayer can play a major role in your life.

Leave it in God´s Hands offers prayer each week along with the sharing of people´s testimonials and their walks with the Lord. Listen how people survived hard times by having God at their side. Each week "Steve O" will share emails he has received from individuals who are allowing the Lord to come inside of them while he softens their hearts. Listeners are learning how to put God first and then watch him work.

Eight years ago Host "Steve O" allowed the Lord to come into his life and he became a Believer and oh how his life changed. "I now have a safety net in Him and I understand when I try to make a decision in the flesh and the Holy Spirit has different plans for me, I turn up the volume to the Holy Spirit and I turn the volume down in the flesh. I know His plan is better than mine. He keeps me safe, He keeps me focused, but most important He loves me. The day "Steve O" attended his first services of Calvary Chapel, Ft Lauderdale and heard the worship music he was so moved. That same worship music will be offered on every show.

Finally Leave it in God’s Hands is going to network local businesses to donate their service twice a year to those who are in dire need.

Feel free to browse through our website to either listen to our show live each Saturday at 1:30 PM Eastern time or to go to our Daily Prayer link for new spiritual nourishment from the Lord.

We do not sell books, tapes, CD’s, or DVD’s but we do accept donations on our Donation link. Leave It In God’s Hands is about giving back and serving our Lord. Use us in any way you feel moved as we let God use us to get His word out.

God Bless